Houghton County Fair Association

1500 Birch Street

Hancock,MI 49930

(906)482-6200or483-2101- fax)



 The price is $15 a linear foot, include hitch and motor if applicable.


1.  The item to be stored shall be insured by its owner and not theHoughton County FairAssociation.  TheHoughton County FairAssociation shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the item. Please provide the following information to insure that someone can be reached at all times.

      *Insurance Co.________________________ Agent phone number___________________

     2.  All items must be removed by May 15th of each year.  A notice will be sent of the days for such removal.

 3.  Make all checks payable to HOUGHTON COUNTY FAIRASSOCIATION.  Items shall not be stored if this completed contract does not accompany the vehicle/item or is not received in the office prior to storage. Item will be retained by the fair until storage fee is paid.

 4.  Contact Person: Brian Rimpela– 482-6348.  The Fair Office number is: 482-6200.

 No one is allowed in the barn, for any reason, during storage months except authorized Fair personnel.

 I acknowledge that I am fully responsible for the item while in storage whether I choose to carry insurance on my stored item or not. 

 Signature ___________________________________Date:____________________________________

 Printed Name________________________________


 City, State, Zip________________________________

 Phone numbers: _______________________________

*(Include a phone number you can always be reached at or insurance information above)

 Email(if it gets checked):_______________________________

 Item to be stored: ________________________________

            FOR OFFICE USE

 Amount Due: ________ feet x $15.00 (per foot) =$_________

 PAID BY _____CASH  or  CHECK#_________  Date:______________ Rc’d by:___________

 Condition of item:_______________________________________________________________

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