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There are 2 ways to register your exhibits for the fair.  You can use the Form to fill out "long hand" and mail, email, fax or drop off in person at the fair office by the deadlines (the Wednesday the week before the fair fair begins for clubs and animals, or Friday before the fair begins for open still exhibits or contests.)

Here is a tutorial on entering "long hand". Thank you to the 4-H youth that created the video!


Exhibitors in the tractor pull, horses,  livestock, small animals or still exhibits entered into department/section/class can also register On-line by clicking on the link below.

 ON LINE REGISTRATION IS NOW Closed for 2017.  Call 482-6200 with questions.  Please mail any entry fees to Houghton County Fair, 1500 Birch Street, Hancock, MI  49930. Please enter your name and middle initial exactly the same every time you enter to register or you will create multiple accounts. IMPORTANT NOTE: To complete your online registration, you must click on Items/Checkout in order to get your printable registration sheet to appear.  Unless you do this, your registion will not go through.  Call 482-6200 if you encounter problems.  Thank you!

If you have an exhibitor number from last year and can not find it, call 482-6200 Wednesdays from 12 to 3 or send an email to info@houghtoncountyfair.com and we will email it to you.


ON-LINE REGISTRATION (any entry fees must be paid by check and mailed to Houghton County Fair, 1500 Birch Street, Hancock, MI  49930)

General  and Livestock Rules

Registration Form to download


Please go to the EXHIBITOR GUIDE WEB PAGE for all contest and derby information and entry forms.

 LIVESTOCK Exhibitors

 Beginning Livestock Record Book

Advanced Livestock Record Book

Advanced livestock Tables for insertion in Advanced Livestock Record Book

Auction Buyers Brochure Inside

Auction Buyers Brochure Outside

Good resource links:  

Sheep Showmanship Guide http://cemonterey.ucanr.edu/files/197375.pdf

Beef Showmanship Guide http://cemonterey.ucanr.edu/files/197369.pdf

Swine Showmanship Guide http://cemonterey.ucanr.edu/files/197376.pdf

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