Houghton County Fair Press Release 2015

Miss Houghton County Fair Queen:

Alexis Aho, 1st Runner up, Sophie Rowe, 2nd Runner up, Briana Foreman

The following winners were the Best of Show in the Junior and Senior Youth Divisions.

Youth Still Exhibits


Youth Culinary – Food Preparation, Gregory Naasko

Youth Fine Arts, Lily Etelamaki

Youth Folk Art Winners – Davin Evans, Samantha Olson, Cassidy See

Youth Photography, Lily Kilpela

Senior Youth

Youth Fine Arts- Marika Abbott

Youth Photography- Kaleigh Miller

Youth Folk Art – wood item, Mathijs Dykstra

Youth Agriculture- Robert Gagnon

Youth Needlework –Crocheting, Maria Naasko

Youth Folk Art – Manmade Material, Adeline Goldman

Motocross Races

1st through end of class

125A: Jonah R. Dowd, Christian Maki, Daegan W. Tuoriniemi

Pee Wee 7-8: Jace G. Miller, Daylon Teddy, Ella G. Schneiderhan

125B:  Jonah R. Dowd, Daegan W. Tuoriniemi, Nick Lindstrom, Nathan A. Maki Jr., Elijah Huntzinger, David Loomis, Jensen E. Schneiderhan, Matthew Comb, Bronson Lester

250B: Josh Barnett, Jake Denison, Christian Maki, Jonah Dowd, Samuel Juntunen, Levi Niemi, Daegan W. Tuoriniemi, Daniel Datto, Travis Lompre, Mike Sapyta, Owen Lareaux, Nathan Maki, Justin Murphy, Trent Lawrance

250A: Hunter Sayles, Kyle Ahola, James Marrietta, Dusty Raffaelli

Mini 160 7 to 11: Eli Talsma, Adam Loomis, Cooper Burkman, Gavin Lawson, Gerald Vario, Koby Carlock

Open A: Hunter Sayles, Kyle Ahola, James Marietta

Open B: Paul Hanafin, Jake Denison, Josh Barnett, Christian Maki, Damon Huotari, Brett Huntzinger, Travis Lompre, Jonah Dowd, Trent Lawrance, Max Tervo, Larry Madgwick

Mini85:  Steven Binkman, Preston Maki, Andrew Combs, Martin Hodges, David Loomis, Matthew Aho, Nick Lindstrom, Baily Tuoriniemi, Elliott M. Bennett, Vincenz Lester

Quad B/C:  Tommy Deschaine, Chris Salo, Lucas Meinitsky

Masters + 25B/C:

Jordan Deforge, Stephen Combs, Paul Hunter, Brian Mattfolk, Craig Tousignant, Mike Sapyta, Brandon Lavigne, Larry Madgwick


Open Swine Show

Junior Gilt, Grace Laitala

Adult Showmanship – Terrie Bray


Senior Fitting and Showmanship, Aylee Dessellier

Junior Fitting and Showmanship, Chloe McParlan

Grand Champion Fitting and Showmanship, Aylee Dessellier

Grand Champion Gilt, Grace Laitala

Reserve Champion Gilt, Aylee Dessellier

Grand Champion Market Hog, Aylee Dessellier

Reserve Champion Market Hog, Celia DeMarios


Robert Ralph

Floriculture – Margaret Dunstan

Fine Arts – Elisha Houle

Folk Arts – Alexis Ralph

Culinary Arts – Robert Ralph

Horticulture – Bill Isaacson

Needlework – Billie Bloomfield

Youth Sheep Show

Grand Champion Market Lamb, Marjorie Miller

Reserve Champion Market Lamb, Ben Tuomi

Grand Champion Fitting and Showing, Madison Thomas

Grand Champion Open Sheep Show, Amanda Mattila

Reserve Champion, Jenna Beaudoin

Adult Sheep Showmanship, Cheri Laux, Dave Miller, Jen Miller

Open Goat Show

Grand Champion Allison Hartwig

Youth Sheep Show

Grand Champion Goat, Holly Wardynski

Reserve Champion Goat, Holly Wardynski

Youth Grand Champion Dairy Showmanship, Amanda Mattila

Grand Champion Youth Show, Nathan Sauvola

Camelid (alpacas)

Grand Champion Camelid, Anna Pietila

Reserve Champion, Jenna Beaudoin


Ryan Treadeau, First Place

Bruce Scherer, Second Place

James Reynolds, Third Place

Truck Tug O War

James Richards First place and $200 winner

Jimmy Marietta, 2nd place and $150 winner

Jeff Colombe and Forrest Raisanen tied for third

Junior Market Livestock Sale

Grand Champion Beef Steer weighing 1151 pounds, raised by Alia Palosaari sold to Tadych’s Econo Foods for $3.70 per pound

Reserve Champion raised by Alexis Strom sold to Pat’s Foods for $3.35 per pound

Grand Champion Hog raised by Aylee Dessellier and sold to RC Mechanical for $4.45 per pound.  RC Mechanical donated it back to the fair for resale to benefit the Livestock Program at the fair.

Reserve Champion Hog, raised by Celia DeMario sold to Pat’s Foods of Hancock for $4.35 per pound.

Grand Champion Lamb, raised by Marjorie Miller sold to DP Construction for $5.95 per pound.  DP Construction donated it back to the fair for resale to benefit the Livestock Program at the fair.

Reserve Champion Lamb sold to Tadych’s Econo Foods for $5.85 per pound and was raised by Ben Tuomi.

The show was stopped to honor B. Patient Auctioneer Service for volunteering his services and selling $500,000 worth of livestock for the Houghton County Fair youth exhibitors since he began in 1997.

The 4-H Endowment Basket sold to Erickson Feed, Seed and Pet Supply for $355.

The Livestock Auction Buyers spent over $37,700 this year and there were 40 animals auctioned off.

Demolition Derby Winners:

Position         Name                       Car          Prize           Address

1st place       Clint Walli                  #9      $1,000  T        Oostburg, WI 

2nd place      Roger Strack                      #12       $ 300  T         Atlantic Mine, MI 

3rd place      Bruce Scherer            #8                $ 150  T         Dollar Bay, MI 

Consolation Heat, Joe Kaster

Best Decorated Car:  Bob Swanson

Poultry Show

Grand Champion Fitting and Showing, Jewel Laux (This was interview judging this year).

Best in Show, Jewel Laux (Educational Poster Contest)

Rabbit Show

Youth Grand Champion Rabbit

Alexus Rule – Flemish Giant

Open Grand Champion Rabbit

Carole Rose, Holland Lop

Ward’s Outdoor Power Equipment Event

Grand Prize of a Lawn Mower, Greg Hupp

1st Place, $200, Jake Tuomi

2nd Place, $100, Brian Mishica

Other winners (men’s division) Ryan Mattila, David Narhi, and David Anderson

Women’s Division – Denise Kraker, Carolyn Kraker, Susan Mattila


Attendance at the Houghton County Fair is estimated to be 6% above last year, at approximately 24,800 attendees over the 4 days. 

Results of livestock, horse, tractor and still exhibit classes will be available on the website at a later date.

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